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​The ​best initiatives begin with an inspiring idea, a fixed goal and a plan for achieving it. Our database is about one of the most challenging and innovative initiatives of its kind in the European Union – the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) – and the ideas and values that it represents. It is an open digital library set up to serve all those citizens who wish to learn from existing experiences and organise their own campaigns and/or are simply keen on carrying out in-depth research.
We store a range of documents including political, social, legal and press-related texts and make them available to all our users for free. The database provides easy access to ECI policies, procedures, guidelines and research papers and offers authors the possibility to make their work known to the European public.
So if you are an author of an ECI text, share it with our users – upload your publication and make it known throughout Europe!
And if you are looking for information or doing research on the ECI, feel free to use its content as long as you respect the copyright and terms of service!
We welcome any contributions that make the ECI database more comprehensive. Our goal is to make it professional, fast and user-friendly.
Who are we?
This service is run by the European Economic and Social Committee, an EU institution bringing the EU closer to its citizens. For further questions and suggestions, please refer to our FAQ Section or co​ntact the database administrator​.​

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